Last update: NEWS (Nov 17, 2017)

I-M-R: 'InOutSide'

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"The four excellent and experienced musicians of I-M-R have succeeded in creating a compelling work which will definitely find enthusiastic fans in the darkwave scene." (art noir)

"What I really like about I-M-R is that they are a band as clearly demonstrated by this album, which appeal to a variety of fans into different genres of dark music [...]. Definitely on my list of bands to see live!" (blackveilgothic)

"An opus that really deserves this name and that confirms, that they are one of the most memorable and sensitive bands within the German music scene." (VerSacrum)

"The album is stylistically excellent; with a great atmosphere, with darkwave, neofolk, neo-classical and beautiful vocals of Ralf. Adding more words doesn't make sense. Listen!" (

"'InOutSide', with its 19 songs, exudes a fantastic vitality, which leads to the recovery all those peculiarities that have characterized the band over their long career. [...] they erect another monument for this neo romantic melancholy that recalls the colourfulness and plasticity of bands from the 1980s like The Cure." (Darkroom magazine)

"The band apologizes in the booklet that there were - in contrast to its predecessor - no illustrious guests to mention, but given this great album such guests were definitely not needed this time." (electrozine)

"This release simply 'shot' me !! Excellent !!!!" (synthema)

"Piece for piece songs of high quality which mix melancholy with romanticism [...]." (darkentries)