Thu, 15.02.2024

On 06.04.2024 we will be on stage together with PSYCHE and others!
In Görlitz, at the Nostromo - "25 Jahre Zwischenräume"!

As Martin and Holger are unfortunately unable to join us, we will be supported by Kai from DERRIERE LE MIROIR.

Wed, 27.12.2023

After Ralf was mainly busy with DERRIERE LE MIROIR in 2023, I-M-R and the possible new album will take center stage again in 2024!

Wed, 11.08.2021

Yes, the pandemic has also slowed us down... both in our schedule and in our drive. On top of that, our label had to change its distributor, which made things a bit uncertain. But at least there are now 16 songs for the upcoming album... :) And we hope for a release towards the end of the year - so that it still comes out within our 10th anniversary (Yippee!)...

BTW, Ralf has finished the artwork for the new TORS OF DARTMOOR album. So Goth Rock fans have something to look forward to... musically, not in terms of the artwork... I mean, not only...

Sun, 05.04.2020
Fri, 14.02.2020

"Follow The Ruins EP" is finally available!! ...

Thu, 19.12.2019

Here's a petite preview of the upcoming EP in almost authentic "radio style"...:

Thu, 18.07.2019

So sad... Rüdiger Frank, friend, actor and singer of the band The Tors Of Dartmoor, has passed away unexpectedly last weekend. We are still shocked...

Sun, 17.03.2019

Holger's band Last Train have recorded their second album...

Tue, 29.01.2019

The closed season is over... chasing ideas...

Wed, 23.01.2019

On the 23rd of March we will visit Cottbus! And perform together with STEIN some "Rock at the block" ;)

Wed, 26.09.2018

Thanks to Daniela Vorndran ( for the NCN pictures!

Thu, 05.04.2018

We are happy to play the "Nocturnal Culture Night"-Festival again! We just say: 07th of September, "Kulturbuehne"...
More information about the festival:

Mon, 26.03.2018

Spring-cleaning? We uploaded two outtakes from "25.20.15" to Soundcloud...
- "Little Nothing"
- "Boomerang"

Wed, 31.01.2018

Unfortunately we came to know that Bernhard Schmitt, the photographer who made our last promo photos, has passed away this month. A really sad beginning of the new year...

Mon, 25.12.2017

"25.20.15": Song for song, briefly commented by us:

Thu, 07.12.2017

Now it's on-record on the amazon page:

Tue, 21.11.2017

Now it's on-record on the distributor's website:

Sun, 19.11.2017

Fri, 17.11.2017

We hope that "25.20.15" will see the light of day before 2017 is gone. In any case, our label told us a scheduled release date: 16th of December.

The album itself will contain 16 tracks and we were supported by the Greek musician KRIISTAL ANN, the Russian Darkwave heroes STILLIFE, NICOLE RELLUM and KAI KAMPMANN of DERRIÈRE LE MIROIR as well as the accordeon player ANNETTE KOSAKOWSKI.

And the weird album title? Yes, the album title... ;)

Mon, 24.07.2017

Besides the recordings for the new album, Ralf just finished a remix for the Russian band STILLIFE...

Sun, 07.05.2017

Within the next weeks Syborgmusic will release the remaining 5 session tracks of T-HE as a digital EP!

Sun, 02.04.2017

The first selection is made: 20 songs have found their way into the intersection. And we will hopefully start to think about their realizations as soon as possible...

Fri, 03.03.2017

For the upcoming Paul Roland tribute album "Alice's Curiosities" we did a cover of "Cairo". We hope you'll like it a bit, old bean ;)

Wed, 01.02.2017

Ralf has used the last 8 weeks to record 40(!) demo songs for a possible new album. Now it is up to the others (poor ones...) to listen to them and find 12-15 songs which could deserve a further treatment.

Sat, 01.10.2016

... a litte preview of the upcoming DERRIÈRE LE MIROIR album "In Flux"

Fri, 23.09.2016

Well, after Ralf has finally "left" the new DERRIÈRE LE MIROIR album "In Flux", we actually start thinking about a new I-M-R album - especially because we can celebrate some anniversaries next year... It is not sure yet (of course not!), but we will start demoing some ideas in November - just in case ;)

Tue, 16.08.2016

Our song "Night" will be part of the upcoming compilation "Indie Pop, Vol.1". Which also features a track by MOUSSE T. :) ... strange world...

Wed, 20.07.2016

Here's a little session track from T-HE... just for fun:

Mon, 09.05.2016

Under the moniker of their former school project T-HE, Ralf and Kai Kampmann (DERRIÈRE LE MIROIR) afforded a short journey "into their youth" and will put out three results of their occasional sessions from 2015 on the 3rd of June as a 3-track mp3 download single called "Believe" - released by Syborgmusic...,,

Mon, 11.04.2016

"Drowned In You" is part of the upcoming "Dark Wave Sensation - A Transmission Into Post Punk Coldwave Movement" compilation...

Thu, 19.11.2015

Our "Back & Forth" mixtapes... At irregular intervals (at least that is the plan) we will upload some songs, which we listened and/or danced to in our "almost" wild youth... Vinyl clicks cannot be ruled out... Enjoy... :)

Sat, 24.10.2015

We have the honour to open the upcoming download compilation "Snowflakes IV" with our song "Blind"... :)

Wed, 14.10.2015

... quite dark, but blue... ;) "Poisoned Eyes" in Merzdorf, 3.10.2015...

Thu, 16.04.2015

"InOutSide": Song for song, briefly commented by us:

Thu, 09.04.2015

Just told: "Shattered" on place 6 in the "Dunkles Leben" community charts... :)

Wed, 28.01.2015

On the 30th of January we are guests at Darkradio. Start: 8 p.m.

Thu, 08.01.2015

"InOutSide" is number 92 on the "" best seller list? And number 15 on the "" Alternative->Darkwave list? Thankyou! :)

Fri, 02.01.2015

Our song "Night" is featured on the download compilation "Twist The Past 2".
You can download it here for free:

Tue, 16.12.2014

Here's a remix of "Night", produced by the Italian electro project INTO NOWHERE. A big thankyou to Alless :)

Tue, 04.11.2014

Here's a track that surely isn't particularly characteristic for the album, but with which we had a lot of fun ... and still have... ;) The song is called "Night".

Tue, 10.06.2014

WGT 2014 - Thanks to Oleg :)

Thu, 29.05.2014

A nice find from Brazil :) SCARLET LEAVES perform "Just Like You"...